Monsters, Candy, and Puke…oh my

Horror film set from a distance

Image by edmundyeo via Flickr

The pumpkins are carved and the costumes are ready. We have skeletons, dragons, and super heroes (both mechanical and mutant). Tis the season for scary stuff, monsters, horror movies, a house full of kids hopped up on candy. I spent this morning formulating geometric proofs….told you it was scary around here.

Our town sponsored a “downtown” trick or treat yesterday morning. Most of the local businesses handed out treats. I gotta admit, when this town plans something, everything else gets put on hold to make it happen. We had a great time walking the town and seeing all the costumes. Unfortunately my camera chose yesterday morning to quit working.

It looked like the weekend was off to a great start, but then #5 started throwing up last night. Poor little baby is miserable and it’s only a matter of time before #’s 1 through 4 follow suit. If you haven’t heard from me in 7 days, send some help.


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