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Product Warning Lables

Warning! Raisins are for eating only. Do not insert into your nose.

I just bought a counter-top oven, it’s like a large toaster oven. The first thing I saw when I pulled this thing out of the box was “WARNING: THIS PRODUCT GETS HOT” Really? It’s an oven, what sort of oven doesn’t get hot? Thank you Captain Obvious. I hate “warnings” like this. You ever notice the warning on those little packets that are placed in packages to absorb moisture? “Do not eat”, because when I find random packets of God knows what in the bottom of a shoe box I immediately want to eat it, don’t you? Either the powers that be think we are all just that stupid or everyone is afraid of everything. Personally, I think it’s a little bit of both.



At the Park

I heart Dr. Who and other random stuff



My youngest is only 13 months old and is already constantly hunting my coffee. Why oh why do my children want to drink my precious coffee? Don’t they understand, I NEED my coffee, I need it in my cup, not on the floor or in their bellies.

I’m having trouble getting started on this new class, I suppose watching old episodes of Dr. Who when I should be studying might have something to do with that. I just can’t help it. I love Dr. Who.

I saw an episode of Diego (you know, Dora’s cousin) and they cleaned up an oil spill in the ocean with this vacuum thing. I hate preschool shows, they are so far removed from reality they make me want to vomit. Speaking of preschool shows why are all these pre-k cartoons running around without parental supervision? Dora and Diego run all over the world with talking animals, Max and Ruby don’t seem to have parents at all, those kids on Dragon Tales disappear for hours at a time and no one notices…the central theme of all of these shows must be parental neglect. Go on Kids, your parents are absent/neglectful they don’t care, it’s up to YOU to take care of everything!


Hello Nanny State; Happy Meal Toys Banned

Are you kidding me? Who was that he said is responsible for the health of my children, restaurants? Corporations? The government? What happened to ME, you know, the PARENT! What I want to know is what in the world makes these government officials think they have any right to regulate this?

I’m not saying fast food is great for you or that kids should eat it day and night. I’m not even saying I think it’s right for these fast food places to market bad food to kids with toys. Those things are not the issue here, this is really none of the state’s business. These opinions and decisions should be made by parents, period. How fare is this shit gonna go?

Social Media, everyone is doing it.

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I was checking in on Facebook this morning when I saw a status update that was really a tweet and learned of the #shitthatpissesmeoff tag. Having an extensive list of shit that pisses me off I headed over to twitter to share some of it with the world. After getting sidetracked for a bit we got the little monsters ready to leave, ran some errands and landed at the park. It took no longer then 20 minutes for one of them to fall, more than 3 feet of course, and worried about serious injury too little mans back we gathered up the kids and headed home. Now there are few things more frustrating to me then getting 5 kids out the door, in the van, making them sit through errands, getting to the fun part where they can exhaust enjoy themselves, and then having to leave after 20 minutes! I spent the drive home thinking about how maybe tomorrow I will start a #shitthatdrivesmenuts tag. After we got home we finished some stuff with the littles, discussed chores and allowance and then I thought about how I’m gonna put this stuff in my blog because my family rocks.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google, a few dozen more…a brave new world.  Instant access to people from all over the world, ain’t it great. Pass the Valium now has a Facebook page, after all if the Queen of England can do it, so can I.

Another class finished!

Love math 1

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I finished my last math class this week. It’s a little bittersweet because I’m glad it’s done but I’m a geek and I love math so I’ll miss it a little. I’m actually surprised I got it finished on time because I’ve been sick and a couple of the little ones too. It’s been a long week. We’ve made some changes to the kids curriculum and we are loving it. I’ll be making a homeschool page on here when I find the time soon! I’ve got my girl hooked and she wants a blog (a video blog), because toys are just not enough these days. Some people’s children…