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Pass the Valium is moving….

I’ve got a new home over at come on over and read about a Zombie proof RV that everyone should have.


I talk to things that can’t talk back

I do, really. I talk to those annoying messages that play on automated systems while I sit on hold. When it says “for faster service please bla bla bla”  I say “for faster service you can answer the *&%# phone!” I also yell instructions at fictional characters on the tv, like that will somehow prevent the stupid girl from running upstairs to hide from the maniac with a knife that is looking for her. I know none of this does any good  but I just can’t help myself. Tell me you’ve never shouted “STAY” at an inanimate object that is about to fall off of the counter….


Happy Halloween!

I got my self a new camera, how else am I gonna show off the little monsters?

And we have…

Oldest boy as a dragon

#1 as a dragon

oldest daughter as a skeleton girl

#2 as a skeleton

Son number 2 as a transformer

#3 as a transformer

son # 3 as spider man

#4 as spider man

Me in a halloween dress


Unfortunately, David and #5 were MIA tonight due to baby puke 😦