My kids

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I have the greatest bunch of little monsters EVER, 5 of them. I haven’t quite got their names down yet so lets just go with the numbers -k- (stop judging, names are hard to remember)

#1 is 10 about to be 11. He talks nonstoplikethisalldaylong while acting out his narrative with wildly exaggerated movements. He can tell you about anything, as long as it is related in some way to battles. He is an awesome, creative artist, he is so dedicated in fact that he sleeps with his current drawing under his pillow. Also, he only draws battles.

#2 is 8 and amazingly curious about everything. She will ask you questions until you want to hide in the closet. She plans everything and is my official announcer of the plans. She loves dressing up and playing in the mud (usually at the same time) and she gives the biggest, squeeze until your stomach is in your throat, hugs.

#3 is 5. He says the greatest things. He loves to cut paper, this boy will sit and cut a piece of paper into tiny little squares for hours. He is the official confetti maker as well as the repeater of things that should not be repeated.

#4 is 4, he is my daredevil. He loves to climb and jump and scare the shit out of his mom, while giggling of course.

#5 is the baby who thinks she is 3. She walked early, talked early, and now at 13 months is perfecting her temper tantrums at record-breaking volume.

For those of you who have kids on the autism spectrum you probably noticed that my kids are fairly quirky. Autism comes in many flavors and we have a few here.

I love my kids, they rock 🙂




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