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Hello Nanny State; Happy Meal Toys Banned

Are you kidding me? Who was that he said is responsible for the health of my children, restaurants? Corporations? The government? What happened to ME, you know, the PARENT! What I want to know is what in the world makes these government officials think they have any right to regulate this?

I’m not saying fast food is great for you or that kids should eat it day and night. I’m not even saying I think it’s right for these fast food places to market bad food to kids with toys. Those things are not the issue here, this is really none of the state’s business. These opinions and decisions should be made by parents, period. How fare is this shit gonna go?


Monday madness

Of course I have to pick a Monday to get sick. A day when I have errands, lessons, and a bunch of homework that needs finished up. Not to mention trying to get the house put back together after it has been bombarded with a bunch of kids hopped up on Halloween candy! I feel like I’ve been hit by a van…and I have been hit by a van before so I REALLY know how it feels.

I am truly the luckiest mom though because when I spiked a fever this morning I got too go lay down and sleep (Thank you David you are a GOD). The kids tend to tone it down when I’m not feeling well too. I am so lucky 🙂