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At the Park


Monday madness

Of course I have to pick a Monday to get sick. A day when I have errands, lessons, and a bunch of homework that needs finished up. Not to mention trying to get the house put back together after it has been bombarded with a bunch of kids hopped up on Halloween candy! I feel like I’ve been hit by a van…and I have been hit by a van before so I REALLY know how it feels.

I am truly the luckiest mom though because when I spiked a fever this morning I got too go lay down and sleep (Thank you David you are a GOD). The kids tend to tone it down when I’m not feeling well too. I am so lucky 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

Baby Judy making a funny face

What do you want?

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Holy Crap (Fifteen Pounds of Candy)

Image by Amarand Agasi via Flickr

The great candyfest is almost here, that means my totally ocd kids have too ask me how long until halloween at least 200 times a day. Even though there is a calender on the wall with the day clearly marked and my 8 year old has made dozens of paper countdowns over the last few weeks. Really, somebody save me.

Did I mention the ‘guess what I’m asking for’ game my 4 year old has started. It goes like this…”I want to play the game that goes round and round!” (computer game) What game is that you might ask, I did. Well it’s “THAT GAME THAT GOES ROUND AND ROUND” but I don’t know what sort of game that is or on which website full of preschool games it lives….

I would pack up and go to the park but there is no park other then the school, and school is in session. Driving 15 miles to the nearest public park is almost as bad as driving 40 miles for coffee.

It’s ok though, soon I will get to eat the baby’s Halloween candy and all will be better.


So this is my blog

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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My world consists of my family and school and this crazy tiny town I managed to move us too. Having grown up all over the west coast I think I might go batshit crazy here if it weren’t for the internet, I’m sure many of you understand. I have 5 kids, yes you read that right, and yes I know what causes that 😉 One of the perks of moving to the middle of nowhere is I am not the only person within 200 miles that has more then 2. I can’t forget David…my bossy bossy man who is always ordering me around, “take your meds” and “you need your sleep” and “you should stop and eat”. Without him I would probably forget to eat and sleep so it’s a good thing he’s around 🙂

I go to school online (again…I live in the middle of nowhere) and I love it. I homeschool my oldest 2 kids, have 1 in K and the younger 2 home with us.

The nearest coffee stand is almost 40 miles from here, that’s an awful long drive for a mocha. No matter how much I love this place I will never forgive the lack of coffee….sweet tea is just not my thing.