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Social Media, everyone is doing it.

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I was checking in on Facebook this morning when I saw a status update that was really a tweet and learned of the #shitthatpissesmeoff tag. Having an extensive list of shit that pisses me off I headed over to twitter to share some of it with the world. After getting sidetracked for a bit we got the little monsters ready to leave, ran some errands and landed at the park. It took no longer then 20 minutes for one of them to fall, more than 3 feet of course, and worried about serious injury too little mans back we gathered up the kids and headed home. Now there are few things more frustrating to me then getting 5 kids out the door, in the van, making them sit through errands, getting to the fun part where they can exhaust enjoy themselves, and then having to leave after 20 minutes! I spent the drive home thinking about how maybe tomorrow I will start a #shitthatdrivesmenuts tag. After we got home we finished some stuff with the littles, discussed chores and allowance and then I thought about how I’m gonna put this stuff in my blog because my family rocks.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google, a few dozen more…a brave new world.  Instant access to people from all over the world, ain’t it great. Pass the Valium now has a Facebook page, after all if the Queen of England can do it, so can I.